This piece may be the piece that best describes my personality to date. It’s hard to put into words how my mind works, and to be honest, I’m not even sure it is possible, but creating this piece became somewhat obsessive to me. So obsessive that almost 5 days later I feel the pain in my fingers and wrists.

I started it out with paint strokes and left it for a few days wondering what to do next. Should I leave it empty, paint the entire piece the same way, or do something semi different? It finally simply came to me. The best way to describe the piece is by either looking at it as destruction, something being torn down, creating chaos, or construction, something being built from chaos. Your experiences in life, and who you are will decide which way you look at it.

I think for myself it’s both, construction and destruction simultaneously. While something may be breaking down, something else can be being built. Either way you try looking at it something is coming from something else. Something is being created from another, be it from an organized and well thought out thought, to an abstract, chaotic one. For these reasons I named the piece “Rebirth”. It is the rebirthing of something into something else. A chance to look at things differently, whether it be more abstractly or in a more organized manner.

A 3.2 feet x 2 feet mixed media art piece. What do you guys think?



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