Eccentricism at its Best


Throughout my life I have been extremely fortunate to meet some incredibly talented people, but one person seems to jump out from the crowd for me. The best way to describe him and his work is eccentric. Drumming to his own tune, Walid, is known for being opinionated, straightforward, and sharp as a bloody samurai sword. His presence demands your attention and with so much worldly experience, you tend to want to listen to what he has to say.

I met Walid working on the Disney film that was being filmed in Jordan. You could tell he was kind, extremely helpful, and would teach you things if you simply took the time to listen. From there a friendship started that I honestly couldn’t see my life without. I not only got to know his work as a makeup artist, but was fortunate enough to get to interview him for the video I worked on called “Creativity in the Middle East“, and had the pleasure of seeing his work onscreen and off.

Walid was lucky enough to come from a family who appreciated the arts. His late mother took the time to involve him from a young age with music, and art. Having an inquisitive mind, he tended to always ask why and constantly wanted to learn about new and interesting things thus being inspired by all things around him. Walid describes his work as eclectic, weird, classical, varied, schizoid, scary but fun at times, cynical and sarcastic. Always making you wonder, his work seems to have a form of mockery and sarcasm deep within. Just like his personality, Walid’s art tends to be in your face. It demands its own attention as well as respect and you tend to give it such.

When asked what advice he would give to fellow artists he said ” For heaven’s sake do not copy, I have seen too many of these so-called artists who copy copy copy, and then try to pass it off as an original idea, please stop it. It is okay to be inspired by a style (until you settle on your own). Use whatever medium you want whether it be oil, pen & ink, watercolor or PC generated images, DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT IT IS NOT ART! I say to people if Leonardo lived today photoshop would have been his best friend (you do realise that Leonardo never finished a painting). Read, educate yourselves. You are responsible for your own advancement and do not expect the world to treat you nicely, it will not, and society is an unforgiving monster.”

And with all things he does, he leaves us with advice that really makes one think: Do it for yourself and if you want to do it for a profit remember this: An Artist is a member of leisured race that cannot afford their leisures.

Below are a few of his work, actually a lot of his work. I couldn’t pick, so decided to add them all!  You can also check out his page for any other work and to contact him if interested.

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