With bleeding, swollen fingers, I can say this piece is finally complete. What an ordeal!. The cardboard was a tad too thick which I ended up having to paint the surface, draw on it, then puncture little holes for where I wanted to sew each thread, then proceed to sew it. With all the work that had to be done, I am pleased with it. I think maybe the process of it explains quite a lot about the art piece to me, thus calling it “Stitched”. The piece is in respect of each person that has taken all the bad, stitched themselves back together and moved forward. I think mostly this came to me while sewing the piece into what it is. Sitting and sewing for hours on end, with sore, swollen and bleeding fingers, it made me realize how much we all seem to do, and how many of us seem to want to simply walk away or quit, yet kept moving on no matter what. The first image is of the surface, painted in acrylic, creating in areas a calming effect, while in others an energy that could at times make you nervous. The bottom picture, not well photographed is of the black thread used to sew the rest of the piece. I will have to take a better picture for you guys, hopefully this weekend. 

First time using anything as different as thread. I will probably incorporate it some more in my pieces, when my fingers lose the memory of the pain! 🙂




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