Where the Hell is Brandon – Humans of New York?


What is more frustrating than finding out that one of the most inspiring people you have heard of is in the same country as you doing his project? Not being able to locate him. Brandon started Humans of New York by moving to New York and simply taking pictures of people walking the streets. What is fascinating by this simple project is the charm, quotes and advice of the people whose pictures are taken. Just like Postsecret, Humans of New York not only brings strangers from around your area together, but the entire world. Since his project, people have started all around the world Humans of Amsterdam, Humans of San Francisco,  and others including Humans of Amman.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet Brandon and to sit and talk about his experience. Where the hell are you Brandon?

Follow his Facebook page here.


“I want to be a pilot so I can fly everywhere.” (Dhana, Jordan)


“If you speak gently, you’ll find good people wherever you go. If you find a bad person, just move on to the next person.” (Petra, Jordan)


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  1. Isn’t he inspiring? Every young person can come up with a simple but a very powerful idea. Plus, of course, a nice personality and love to human being. I am following his page since his first month, it is why I am so proud for all he achieved.

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