Endurance Performance Art Piece – Carry That Weight


Art is subjective. It can be on canvas, wood, paper, video can be used, or performance. What I love about art is how multifaceted it can be, if you are trying to convey an emotion or message, anything can truly be used. This piece truly is inspiring. Emma Sulkowicz is working on her senior thesis called “Carrying that Weight”, a project where she carries her mattress, the same mattress that she was raped on in her own dorm room, around with her everywhere she goes. Not only to convey the weight of what happened to her, but to show how something so private needs to be discussed and dealt with in the proper way. By utilising elements of protest she not only brings the subject of rape into a conversation that needs to be talked about, but actually demands a right on her campus to be treated as one who was abused.

It not only symbolizes what happened to her in a very public way, but actually shows people the sort of weight rape vicitms carry around with them every single day. A performance art piece that truly is touching, well thought out, and inspiring. It has created such a movement across the world, and I truly salute her for her bravery and openness. Emma Sulkowicz, you are one hell of a brave woman.

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