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Jordanian Illustrator – Ibraheem Alawamleh


I had the privilege of meeting an illustrator / cartoonist a year ago who had such a different style from all most in Jordan. Being inspired by the world around him, Ibraheem uses illustrations with images, bringing together reality in images and illustrations in a mix that makes you truly question what is real and what isn’t.

Inspired by Shaun Bryant and Cory Loftis, both incredible illustrators, Ibraheem tries to learn from the best. One piece of advice that he lives by is constantly practicing to fine tune his work. Being around him, he has inspired me to continue working even if I feel like quitting. Constantly posting images of works in progress while showing us the steps he takes in creating his incredible pieces shows all of us how without practice, without document the steps needed, you can never see how truly progressed you have become.

His dream is to one day work on a Pixar movie as an artist, and to live in South America. Knowing him and all his hard work, I truly see that happening in his future. You can check out Ibraheems work on his Facebook Page.

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