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LandMark Hotel Bazaar


It has finally settled down some since my exhibit and bazaar that I was involved in. You don’t realize you are trucking on until you finally stop to breathe and realize you literally haven’t had a minute. Busy, to me, is always good, but sometimes a breather is definitely nice.

I was involved in a bazaar at the LandMark Hotel here in Amman, Jordan that was incredible. Met some really interesting people from around the world as well as locally. Its actually was quite interesting to see how the entire system of it works. You sit at your table, smile and hope people like your work enough to purchase it. I did good though, sold most of the wooden bowls and coasters and the rest were sold from my Facebook Art Page. I also was interviewed on TV and a ton of pictures were taken. It was definitely an experience!





Special Commission


I was commissioned to create a very unique bowl where the bark would be completely removed, and the entire bowl would be painted. After the bark was removed and sanded down where I could draw and paint on it, I proceeded to sketch out the leaves and paint them. Due to the curves and angles it was not an easy task to create the leaves in a way that would not only  not be warped, but proportional.I ended up not only painting over the sketches, but sanding it all down myself again to start all over. Eventually, I got the hang of it and sketched out the leaves where I wanted them  to be. Then came the paint, and what a task that was! Trying to create it semi realistic enough where they actually looked like leaves, and were still interesting enough to look at took some time. When I started to cover the entire bowl with black my heart sank. The beautiful grain of the wood was disappearing before my eyes and I thought the piece would be too simple, but it surprisingly seemed to create a sort of mood that was needed.  I actually really like the way this bowl came out and the client was extremely impressed. Im not sure if i would do it again, simply because I love see the raw wood along side the paint. Let me know what you guys think.





I had the privilege of being written about in BeAmman, a website dedicated to highlighting the best of Amman for local Jordanians and visitors. They offer insights on the best restaurants, activities and cool places to visit while roaming the streets of Amman. It was pretty humbling to see the reaction I received from the article. People seem to love my work! That’s not to say I don’t love what I do, I do, very much so. If I could simply work on art for the rest of my life I would be one happy paint splattered girl! People seem to want my wooden bowls as gifts for loved ones, or to put in their own homes and that makes me so happy. So, I have been on a crazy mission of trying to complete orders, trying to work on paintings for the group exhibit, while trying to keep caught up at work, blogging and everything else. Who said busy isn’t a wild party? 🙂

To check out the article on BeAmman, click here.



Designed Wooden Keychains


Now that I am working on pieces of wood, I find myself grabbing at anything I feel I can design and paint on. It’s quite funny to constantly have my eyes open to anything I can possibly put paint or ink to. Lately I started working on wooden keychains that are handmade and then painted on. It really is amazing to see the juxtaposition of natures art versus human made art. The contrast is quite stunning, seeing the wooden designs from nature alongside the designs that I create that are inspired from those natural curves and lines. Below is a few keychains I made, and  4 of them are already sold. If you are interested in any, or would like your own personal keychain, please contact me and we can arrange that. Let me know what you think!


Designed Wooden Bowls


For a few months now I have been busy creating art works on wooden bowls that are hand made from a place in Amman called Holy Land Designs.Its been really fun working in another medium and to see how the wood reacts with the paint has been exciting. I will be hopefully opening an Etsy shop soon to sell them through, but if you are interested at all, please feel free to contact me, and do let me know what you think.

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