Having been born in the United States and raised in Amman, Jordan, I have  an extremely unconventional thinking pattern when it comes to the world around me. I considers myself not only a graphic designer but also an artist. My interests are vast and range from painting, to designing, to filmmaking. Being interested in all things expressive, I love the creative process down to executing an idea to its full capacity. My goals are many, from working on as many projects as possible, to bringing people closer through my art. I have the commitment, passion, and zeal within, which will one day show the world what art is, and what it can be.

This blog was created to talk about art, design, films, music and anything else that gets my inspirational juices going! My personal website is: http://www.mmarrar.com, which you will also find above. Please feel free to comment, share, and mingle on here, the more conversation thats starts flowing, the more ideas and inspiration will come from it!

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  1. Amazing to see how much you love all things artistic. Truly want to see more that way I can try to get a better understanding how you view the world.

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