First Group Exhibition


So many updates and yet so little time. I promise the next few weeks will be of me updating you on all that I’ve been working on and updating you on exciting happenings. I had my first group art exhibition on October 21st which was the most stressful, fun and inspiring time in a while. Being able to be among such talent and knowing so many people out there came to support me via e-mails, phone calls, purchasing paintings, and simply being there to cheer me on was so humbling. I do know such good people, and am so grateful to each one of them. This is a special thank you to all of you who have been there from the beginning telling me I could do it, without all you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am.

The exhibition is where some of the proceeds from the sales go to cancer research and such. The owner of Sararash Art Gallery is a talented friend of mine who helps the community by bringing art lovers and artists together in a space surrounded by art. The exhibition does end on November 18th, but in the next few months I should be working on something else, updates will happen soon!

For now, enjoy the pictures below, and if interested, contact me for an art piece.

1011205_802834399762984_381600089576764436_n 10325560_10152455009242749_2170093270204793348_n 10415722_10152454701002749_4600647488886880896_n-1 10649816_10152486570702749_6510150463475420996_n

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